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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Look who showed up in my birdbath!

Although I felt somewhat like a voyeur, I spied on a Wood Thrush who was splashing around in one of our birdbaths. Wood Thrushes are usually summer birds here, so this may be the last I see of its kind for a while. But their "migration" may be just a short distance, so you never know! (see any similarity to a Robin?   He's a kind of Thrush too)

North Texas has mild winters, so Mallards often stay here all year, depending on the availability of food and the safety of the surroundings. In the winter, they prefer roosts in or near wetlands (which rarely freeze solid here) which have lots of natural food, and are a hindrance to approaching predators.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh, to fly like a Turkey Vulture!

Turkey Vulture

You can see Turkey Vultures all over north Texas.  For a moment, let's forget the distasteful images. They soar effortlessly - flapping their wings only occasionally, and rocking gently from side to side. They're riding air currents, and it's almost a contest to see which bird can go the longest without flapping its wings. That behavior makes me envious of airborne Turkey Vultures and makes them easy to identify, even from a great distance.

Mockingbird in Yaupon Holly

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