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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hummingbirds are on their way to north Texas

Hummingbirds typically arrive in north Texas around Spring Break time - March 19 roughly. Of course, it could be earlier or later, depending on weather, winds and the availability of food.

A good web site for checking their latest location is the Migration Map at  As of today, the nearest locations to us are along the Gulf coast.

So now's a good time to get things ready. Clean nectar feeders thoroughly, even if you cleaned them at the end of last season. I make up some clear nectar and freeze it for later (yes, it can be frozen!)

And forget about adding any red food coloring to the nectar. It has recently been proven, in several studies, that it can cause DNA damage in Hummingbirds. So make nectar with one part ordinary sugar and four parts water; and make it just the way nectar comes from plants...clear.

ARE YOU REALLY CLEANING YOUR BINOCULARS?   Please don't wipe your binocular lenses with just whatever's handy - like your shirt-tail or facial tissue. You'd be doing more harm than good.  Most lenses are coated with special materials to prevent stray reflections. Wiping them with any wood-based product creates tiny scratches...even avoid window cleaner or saliva!  Instead, use a special lens-cleaning cloth. It'll make binoculars last longer and do the job a lot better.