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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lessening the number of birds smashing into your windows.

Bird strikes into windows kill or injure a ton of birds each year, especially during spring migration (starting about now). Short of redesigning your house or renovating your windows, you can take actions to lessen this;
First, identify the windows that are the major culprits; probably the most reflective ones.
Second, apply patterns to the windows (see above) using water-color paint or tape or window films.  They'll say "careful - there's something here"
Third  an option is to fasten something onto the window that will move around in the breeze. Motion is what alerts birds. You might try long foil strips, ribbons or balloons.
Fourth, keep in mind that there still may be a few bird strikes due to birds "not looking where they're going" (sound familiar, parents?).

The window pattern is limited only by you and your imagination. It addresses the fact that birds have no understanding of "glass". Feeders near windows should be OK if they're within 2 feet of the glass, or farther away than 7 feet.

Suggestion to add something to your backyard birdwatching:  Keep a 'Yard List".  All the species you see within the confines of your yard (or maybe a neighborhood park?).  You're not competing with anyone or trying to set some sort of record; it's just for interest's sake.

In north Texas, you might start with the very common birds - maybe Chickadees and Wrens. Of course, reducing the size of your lawn and adding "birdscape" plants will almost certainly lengthen your yard list.