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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A simple change in thinking attracts Chickadees to your yard

Chickadee eggs in stump

North Texas' kind of Chickadees (Carolina Chickadee) like to nest in old trees. Right now is not nesting season, but it's a time when lots of trees are taken down. You can remove trees in such a way as to make them inviting for nesting Chickadees in the future (as well as several other native species).

Chickadees really like the exposed inner core of fallen trees. This core is soft and decomposes faster than the rest of the tree. So it makes a slight depression. In nature, this may be result of a windstorm, forest fire or equivalent. In your yard, if you plan on felling a tree, consider leaving a tall stump (4 to 10 feet) to attract Chickadees.

 IT SAYS ITS OWN NAME    The American common name "Chickadee" is "onomotopoetic". It's what the early settlers heard the bird saying, so that's what they called it. It says "chick-a-dee-dee"

There may be one or more "dee"s at the end of a Chickadee's call. Some research says that the number of "dee"s indicates to other birds the proximity of danger, and its nearness.



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who among us mistakenly killed a bird recently?

      The same sort of thing goes for rubber bands, bread wrapper "twisties", gift ribbons, packing peanuts and the like. Use your head - we share this world.