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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's as if the plants and the birds planned it that way!

In a way they did.   Just as wildlife needs food, plants develop berries, seeds, nectar and such.   At the exact time birds build nests, plants produce an abundance of fibrous, nest-building material.

There's no better example than what's happening here in north Texas right now. Thousands of Hummingbirds are endlessly trying to put on weight and gain energy before their annual migratory flight in the beginning of October. They know that they'll need all their energy for the arduous trip. So you see them right now, crowding around nectar feeders and seeking out nectar-producing flowers.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Also, right now, many flowers are putting out the nectar to make Hummingbirds' migration possible. At my house the Turks Cap (pictured) and Lantana bloom with nectar-abundant flowers.
Turk's Cap
To be realistic, birds couldn't do much of what it entails to be a bird, without help from native plants. If you want to plant the right "birdscape" plants for north Texas, you're in luck.  Right now (not the spring, like up north) is the very best time to plant things for next year's birds.

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