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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The word "harvest" bothers Canada Geese and me

Canada Goose
Roughly 25-percent of the Canada Geese that are "harvested" from the wild each year in Canada are taken by native/aboriginal people. The others are taken for various reasons, including 'sport'.

They're among the top three species hunted (along with Mallards and Teal).

Canada Goose
By the way, they're "Canada Geese" not "Canadian", which you'll hear sometimes in the media.

The number of waystations for migrating Monarch butterflies has passed 1,000. Since Monarchs, like most butterflies, migrate each year to warmer climates like Mexico, they need frequent waystations to rest and refuel, especially in Texas. Size isn't a big factor; some waystations are just a few square yards.

The butterflies used to do this almost anywhere, but the U.S. is losing good butterfly habitat at the rate of over 3,000 acres a day. In this area, the most frequently-seen butterfly is the Gulf Fritillary. Now is the right time of year, in Texas, to prepare an effective butterfly waystation.
Gulf Fritillary

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