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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Three rat poison marketers ignore STOP order

Three companies have refused to comply with a government order to stop selling or modify certain super-toxic rat poisons that can harm children, birds, pets and so on.  Most companies have acted responsibly and paid attention to the safety ruling from 2008.

Lola (rt.) killed by rat poison
This indiscriminate poison has killed many, many birds - primarily those that hunt rodents. A similar rat poison killed Lola, the mate of New York's famous Pale Male, a Red-tailed Hawk.

The three companies, pointed out by the American Bird Conservancy, are Spectrum Brands (makers of HotShot & Spectracide), Reckitt Benckisser (makes d-Con, also makes Lysol, French's Mustard & Woolite), and Liphatech (makes Generation).

Red Admiral

I don't know about you, but I'm seeing a lot of these Red Admirals in my north Texas yard.


  1. I would guess their were about 50 red admirals around in my gardens yesterday. Many of them were still around today too. It sure has been a great year for butterflies.

    I wish their was a better way to get rid of rats in my large wildlife friendly yard. The dogs often catch them but they often scare me when I am turning the compost and I hate finding droppings on the rain barrels. The last thing I want to do is harm the birds.

    1. My guess is that the recent wet weather has been good for butterflies. Particularly Red Admirals since their host plants are thought of as weeds.

      To get rid of rats, put up a roomy Barn Owl nesting box. A mature Barn Owl can eat about 5 rodents per night.

  2. I had a lot of those weeds (false nettle) last year around one set of rain barrels. When I was cursing them last year, I did not know they were a host plant but found out the other day.

    I actually built a Barred Owl box last year (we've had them passing through in previous years), but it just sits in my shed because my husband is afraid of heights and most of my trees are Elms that have funny angles and we just could not find a spot high enough sturdy enough, and far enough from the house to attach it. I need to try again.