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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To a Chickadee, food that's better than Sugar Toasties or Twinkies

Carolina Chickadee
The diet of north Texas' species of Chickadee (the Carolina Chickadee) is, obviously, locally grown and extraordinarily energy producing.  The bird is an "omnivore". Its diet could consist of berries and seeds for breakfast, caterpillars and flower-buds for lunch, spiders and ants for dinner, and a bit of suet or nut-pieces for a snack. Occasionally the species has even been known to eat small bits of meat.

The Carolina Chickadee feeds in flocks. It's a very inquisitive bird; often being the first one to try out a new or re-located feeder. It almost always stays in the same flock (extended family?) from birth to death.

Actually, Robins' favorite food, the earthworm, isn't native to North America. Some portions of this continent don't even have ANY earthworms. To muddy the waters further, what's called a "robin" in England isn't the same bird. To help alleviate confusion the Robin here, which is a species of thrush, is called the American Robin. 

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