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Saturday, June 23, 2012

"what plants should I plant to attract birds to my yard?"

Here is a helpful video about landscaping your yard to attract birds. It's helpful, but keep in mind that the examples given are for Massachussets. I strongly agree on the importance of using "native" plants, since local birds have put them to use in this locale for ages. But please plant what's native to north Texas. Native New England plants won't make it even halfway through our summer.

It's hot out, but you don't need to read this to realize that.  In oppressive and often dry heat, north Texas plants conserve energy by growing slowly, if they grow at all. Some may even go dormant and turn brown (but they're not dead).

The tendency is to water the vegetation a lot. But enthusiastic watering won't change the temperature one bit - and that's what plants are reacting to.  Actually, too much water may even cause the death of a dormant plant, via root rot.

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