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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why plants native to north Texas should be planted here

Frequently I've advocated the use of native plants instead of plants whose origins are in Japan or Europe or...   Why?   The plants native to north Texas are easily recognised by wildlife (such as birds) who for thousands of years have instinctively and genetically known how to utilize our native plants for food, nesting, shelter and other ageless facets of life.

Plants' functions are also timed to coincide with our birds' needs. For example they'll produce berries just when birds are looking for food, and so on. Native plants also are better adapted to life in our dry, hot environment and our poor soil.  In other words, they'll live!

Perhaps this video explains it better. Fortunately we're about to enter (around mid-September) the best planting time for Texas plants (it's not spring, like up north). In my Landscape Architecture practice, I try to time my projects for Fall planting for this reason.

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