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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Squirrels and birds need to share our world

 I hope that NOBODY, absolutely no one, has stopped feeding north
This squirrel will go hungry
Texas’ birds because of the tenacity of squirrels. Both birds and squirrels are integral to our ecosystem. They can share your yard quite naturally.
Yes – squirrels, if given the chance, might eat birdseed you put out. But that’s easily solved. Trouble is, the solution isn’t obvious; you won’t find it just by doing a web search because every yard is a little different. The most common measure - trapping squirrels - merely results in attracting more squirrels (the more active ones) to the area, to compete for the now-vacant territory.

Maybe the solution is feeding a type of seed that squirrels don’t like. Maybe it’s the style of birdfeeder you have. Maybe it’s how or where the feeder is hung. Maybe it involves a mix of several solutions. Also, keep in mind that “squirrel-resistant” is not the same as “squirrel-proof”.

Quitting totally and letting the birds fend for themselves, however, is not the solution, it’s a surrender. Most likely the birds will just fly off to somewhere else; permanently. The squirrels, not having wings, will stay in your yard (unless you remove all the trees in your neighborhood, particularly the oaks).

So if squirrels have put a stop to your birdfeeding, try again. Most likely you stopped because nobody gave you any good advice, or you got advice from an inexperienced source. Therefore we invite you to discuss the problem with us (pictures help!), in the comments section of this blog. We'll probably have your birds and your squirrels living together in peace, the way nature intended.

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