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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quite a few "urban birds" call north Texas home. Recognise any?

Common Grackles

Carolina Wrens

There are more birds living in and around the cities than you may think. I'm constantly amazed at how adaptable some birds are - finding food and a bit of habitat in the most unlikely places. These are the most numerous urban birds in this area..

American Robin Actually lives here year-‘round

House Finch Sometimes called a red-headed “Hollywood Finch”

Red-winged Blackbird Travels and feeds in large flocks

American Crow Extremely intelligent, for a bird

European Starling Imported from Europe around 1905

House Sparrow Not a true North American sparrow

Dove Several species, all with memorable songs

Killdeer Likes to nest near pavement

Rock Pigeon Well-adapted to city life

Carolina Chickadee Small, inquisitive bird

Tufted Titmouse Takes readily to birdhouses

Grackle Their range is expanding northward

Wren Several species of this active, loud bird

Northern Mockingbird Our official state bird

Blue Jay Large bird that loves peanuts

White-winged Doves



Carolina Chickadee
American Robin

Blue Jays







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