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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Keeping ants out of your Hummingbird feeder.


An “ant moat” is fiendishly simple and 100% effective.  You may be able to make one yourself, or good birding supply stores carry them. It focuses on the principle that north Texas ants don’t cross water.

It’s just a special cup, with a center-post. Hang it above the feeder, and fill the cup with water. Since ants don’t cross water, none will find their way to the nectar. (I fill mine with ice cubes, which quickly become water. Prevents spillage!)


Let them eat bugs!

All but one species of wild bird (even those that eat seed, like Cardinals and Chickadees) feed their newborns insects, exclusively. Insects are easier for nestlings to digest. The young birds learn to find and eat seed as they leave the nest and mature.  Possibly at your nearby birdfeeder. The sole exception is Finches; for some unknown reason their nestlings eat seeds. If you use pestiocidesd liberally, birds are likely top go el;sewheree.





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