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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Any day now hungry Hummingbirds will arrive in north Texas


The Hummingbirds should be arriving in north Texas about now. And they'll be tired and hungry after their migration. Last Tuesday they were just south of us, but rain may be slowing them down a bit.  My favorite web site to keep track of their arrivals (and where) is the migration maps at

 I hope you aren’t one of those people who wait to put up a Hummingbird feeder until you see a Hummingbird. Just think about how illogical that is!


Looks matter to Barn Swallows       Research has found that even after Barn Swallows have paired up for the season, females constantly judge their mates by their looks, in particular by the reddish color of the males’ breast and belly feathers. Females that paired with males with paler (less desireable) feathers were more likely to secretly copulate with another male.
        Cornell’s Laboratory of Ornithology also found that females paired to males with the reddest feathers cheated less. As a result, those males fathered a greater proportion of
Barn Swallow
young. Cornell speculates that the intensity of the reddish color is an indicator of the male’s health and ability to raise young - key to the evolution of the species over the generations.

OWEN YOST, in addition to being a blogger, is a licensed Landscape Architect emeritus who has lived and worked in north Texas for over 30 years. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award of the Native Plant Society of Texas, and is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), International Federation of Landscape Architects, National Wildlife Federation and the Audubon Society. His office is at in Denton.


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